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Marine Cargo (including stock and Plant and Machinery) Insurance policy covers damage to Cargo during transportation. The coverage parameters are based on an “All Risk” basis to a “Named Perils” based policy as per the requirements of the customer and marine voyage being undertaken. Coverage under marine insurance is both global ie anywhere in the world to local ie anywhere in India. A cargo insurance document provides assurance to buyer and seller and all other stakeholders that the cargo is insured and the insurance purchase itself is demarcated in the INCOTERMS as per the contract of sale or purchase. The type of Marine Cargo policy can also take various forms based on the customer requirement ie : 
• Specific Voyage
• Open Policy
• Open Cover
• Sales Turnover Policy
• Sales Throughput Policy

Scope of our services

In the global markets today, shipping goods from various locations is an essential part of business operations, be it small or large. And hence it becomes important to insure cargo with Cargo Insurance to ensure streamlined, smooth operations of the business remain intact with sales always on the targeted level. The correct type of cargo (including stock) Insurance paves the way for protection against damage and loss that might arise due to external factors, such as infestation, custom rejections, cargo abandonment, damages due to inappropriate packaging, derailment, sinking, theft, fire, or any other peril.

Why Zoom?

Why Zoom Insurance? 

The Marine Cargo (including stock) Insurance team at Zoom Insurance is made up of domain experts from various insurance companies from the field of underwriting, sales and claims including surveyors whose overall experience ensures that cargo policies undertaken by zoom insurance leave no stone unturned to ensure all your insurable losses are taken care of and your risk is mitigated to the fullest extent possible. We empower our prospective clients with financial strength and sustainability, by coordinating with their individual needs, philosophy and market practices. We work to ensure that clients are able to garner the maximum benefits of the insurance policy by offering them a solution in the following ways:  

  • We examine the entire supply chain both incoming and outgoing to ensure 100% coverage at stages
  • Appropriate consultation with the clients to ensure all risks coverage within a pricing system which is highly cost-effective for our clients  
  • Arranging for Inspecting cargo for damage immediately and assistance in document preparation for claims  
  • Tracking and securing coverage specific journey, with cover note issued within hours 
  • Enabling online certificate insurance with the incorporation of technology in services for a fast and efficient process  
  • Expert support and guidance by our team of experienced insurance brokers 
  • Comprehensive coverage with the maintenance of standard in compliance with cost-effectiveness 
  • Logistics Assistance which results in claims management so as to ensure unimpeded sales  

If you have any questions or queries pertaining to Cargo Insurance Services from Zoom Insurance Brokers, then do let us know. We will revert within quick time with the best solutions for your problems.