Why Zoom Insurance Brokers?

  • Zoom insurance is one of the leading insurance brokers, providing risk management and insurance solutions to our esteemed clients in the corporate sector
  • In a rapidly changing world, we monitor developments on a realtime basis and continuously re-invent to help our clients and their businesses to prepare for the unexpected
  • We place our clients; corporates, insurers and reinsurers, at the centre of a vast network of experts fulfilling their needs through risk services, claims management, and compliance support
  • We understand our client’s requirements and find the perfect deal, post thorough market research, and analysis
  • We provide a one-stop solution with the advantage of local and global knowledge, cost-efficient processes, and access to expertise on innovations and compliance
  • Our multi-industry and sector experience helps us factor different perspectives to see the bigger picture as well as the intricate details
  • We bring you the right resources – be it people, technology, experience and insights that can help you see and do much more. We strive to take the tediousness out of the process
  • Our code of business stands on the belief of ownership of our clients’ issues and building an effective line of communication to service them with solutions that exhibit integrity and trust

What you can expect from Zoom Insurance Brokers

Objective Consultancy

Complete analysis of insurance requirement from business and operational aspect that will generate suggestions that improve the existing mechanism and mitigates your risk to the best possible extent.

Transparent placement

Our team will ensure that the placement of your risk with the best insurance carriers mirroring your company’s goals with complete transparency and attention to detail.

Relationship Driven Focus

Our team will strive to ensure that each claim and service parameter is handled in a manner where you will feel confident of your faith in us and our ability to deliver on our commitments.

The difference we make

We are not just another insurance broking house. What sets us apart is our relentless focus and drive on delivering unparalleled service and in building trust amongst all our stakeholders. We take pride in offering the most optimal solutions and have built our reputation by ensuring long term solutions and benefits for our clients - we have been offering a holistic service spectrum to our clients for more than a decade. We strive to successfully deliver services with an assurance of seamless end-to-end claim servicing experience. Our Clients have come to rely on us to protect their assets, employees, liability exposures and help them to focus on their respective core areas. We have been able to design customised products for our clients and have established a track record of representing our clients fairly and aggressively in claim settlements as well.
Forget off-the-shelf solutions. Get expertly crafted solutions that meet your unique needs. Our consultative approach makes us the right partner for you, and the people you count on - and your bottom line.

Over the past 11 years, we have excelled in the following services:

Risk Managementand Consultancy Lender’s advisoryservice ContinuousReinvention Claims Managementand Consultancy ReinsuranceBroking We help you in identifying and assessing the associated risks and develop a plan to minimize exposure to loss. We offer a wide range of value-added services designed to assist lenders. We always look for opportunities which would help simplify processes and products. We help businesses in managing claims in systematic and goal oriented manner. Through our reinsurance services we strive to develop stable terms for insurers, clients and also help in new product development.

A Snapshot on Zoom Insurance Brokers

  • Leading experts holding a collective experience and research background
  • Multi-disciplinarian composite broking entity in the Indian insurance industry delivering expertise solutions, since 2008
  • Expertise in diverse business and industry lines from various assignments with Indian and Multinational Conglomerates, as well as Small and Medium Enterprise
  • Successfully partnered more than 700 entities to transition through risk and manage it effectively in their Insurance placement and claims
  • Poised as a consulting platform with a forte in understanding, mitigating and placement of client risk backed by superior claims management
  • Successfully insured Client Assets, Employee Benefits and Liability exposures in ever evolving market fraught with unexpected risks.
  • Successfully insured Client Assets, Employee Benefits and Liability exposures in an ever-evolving market fraught with unexpected risks
  • Worked extensively with insurers and large clients for their reinsurance requirements as well as reinsurers for insurance partners