About us

Creating Value through Integrity and Innovation

To evolve into a leading trusted brand in the Indian Insurance Broking spectrum.

Stakeholders Management : Strive to attain and sustain value for our stakeholders including clients, insuring partners, shareholders and employees.

Learning & Development : Innovate and excel through continuous learning and re-education on the latest developments in the financial domain.

Re-invention : Keep abreast of the rapidly changing world to re-invent and proactively devise solutions for our clients.

Value Enhancement: Create and sustain value ethically for all stakeholders alike.

Compliant: Trust, Integrity, Communication, and Ownership form the basics of our operation.

Knowledge: Keeping abreast of domain knowledge and all things vital for the interests of the client.

Innovative Imagination: Creative and effective solutions based on research and brainstorming to empower clients in an ever-changing, dynamic environment.

Incorporated on: June 12, 2008

IRDA Licence Number: 389

Date of Licence: From 02nd January, 2021 to 01st January, 2024

Category: Composite

Name of Principal Officer: Mr Prashant Gupta

Who we are

With a proven legacy of over a decade of consistent service delivery, almost 500+ corporates have placed their trust in our Innovative Insurance Solutions created through extensive market research, portfolio analysis, and dedicated service support. Our team works with a clear objective of providing insurance and risk management solutions on the back of a deep understanding of the client’s industry supported by quality research; both complemented by the execution of the highest standard for risk placement and claims management. Our exposure to multiple industries as well as the private and public sector helps us take a multi-dimensional view of our client’s requirements, resulting in superior solutions.

We ensure our clients reap the benefits of working with the best of professionals and industry experts, through our collaborative approach. We are in business to create strong and long-lasting relationships. We facilitate the best possible and sustainable solutions to their Insurance related needs to ensure their risk is well protected.

Company History

Progression through history and our evolution over the decade

Our transition overexciting times that witnessed the financial revolution in the country has today, placed us at the helm of Insurance Broking Spectrum of India. We have continuously evolved in sync with the market achieving progressive milestones through our momentous journey.


Date of Incorporation - 12.06.2008
Licence Application - 01.08.2008


License Granted - 02.01.2009
Category - Direct Non-Life


December 2015 - Applied for the addition of Direct Life
February 2016 - Approval Granted for Direct-Life


Status upgraded to Composite Broker during October 2017


The 12th year of service delivery to our customers

Our Team

Veteran Leadership That Drives Value

Our Leadership consists of Industry Veterans, Financial Gurus, Professional Managers, and Erudite Thinkers who bring their expertise and skill to provide deep insights into your needs and requisitions while assessing and mitigating your exposure to risk.

Our Products