International Health and Employee Benefits

from Zoom Insurance

What is Global Benefits Management ?
Most organizations have multiple offices. Also, global corporations and multi-national organizations have offices across continents. This makes insuring every employee difficult. To add to this, every country has specific prerequisites for Employee Insurance. This is where Global Benefits Management comes in. Global Benefits Management, which comes with our Employee Health Insurance, makes sure your employees across the world get to reap maximum benefit from their insurance.

As the name suggests, Global Benefits Management is the managing of your Employee Insurance and Benefits across all your global offices. It not only makes sure that every employee gets equal status but also helps customize benefits for them. It takes into consideration various socio-cultural elements that influence your employees’ life stages as well as statistical natural and medical calamities that might befall employees or their families in every region your organization is located in.

Thereby, Global Benefits Management makes sure to entirely and properly cover your employees with the insurance they need. No matter which part of the world they are working in.

How does an Indian MNC benefits from Global Benefits Management

Zoom provides end-to-end global customization with Global Benefits Management. It helps you take care of how, when and where your Employee Health and Benefits work. Our Global Benefits Management gives you full access to your employees’ insurance, irrespective of country or how big your corporation is.

Zoom’s experts and its innovation empower your human resource global outreach to perform better. This innovation gives you real-time updates of how many claims were made, requests raised, where your money is going. Thus, it helps you summarize how your insurance is performing.

With Zoom’s Global Benefits Management you will be able to truly tailor your Group Term Employee Health and Benefits. It will give you all the support you need to enhance the effectiveness of your group insurance. It will help you identify areas in specific locations that need attention.

Additionally, this attention to personalization with Zoom’s Global Benefits Management will strengthen the organization’s image by establishing it as a global thought-leader that pays attention to the individual needs of all its employees and their families.

What are the top benefits of Zoom's Global Benefits Management?

Zoom Insurance Brokers helps you employ Global Benefits Management to ensure you give your employees the best possible benefits. Here are some ways it helps your Group Insurance be truly global:

  • It serves as your one-stop-global-shop to gain insights into how your employees are benefitting from your insurance policy
  • Makes your organization’s Employee Insurance and Health Benefits personal yet global
  • Helps you control, manage, and operate your employee insurance
  • Gives you an assessment of how your resources are being managed on an international level
  • Enables you to tweak insurance policy according to what is working best for your employees
  • Gets you our experts to help you maximize what you are providing for your employees
  • Makes your Group Insurance transparent as well as cost-effective
  • Brings sustainability to your Employee benefit programme
  • Adds innovation to your employee policies
  • Increases the global appeal of your organization
  • Raises your global standards as an employer
  • Unites your organization in insurance despite the diversity
  • Makes your insurance perform better for the organization as well as its employees

If you have any questions or queries pertaining to our Global Benefits Management services, then do let us know. We will be proud to partner you in your insurance requirements.