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Understanding The Trade Credit Insurance.

In today’s world risk management, for a business or organisation, is one of the most important aspects to be taken into consideration, to safeguard against affinities of market. One such risk is, Credit defaults, non-payment of goods, invoices or any other form of debt, which often leads to a web of difficulties landing on the companies surface altogether. And hence, Trade Credit Insurance plays a significant role in carrying out international trade for businesses worldwide, as these trades are usually carried out on large scale and therefore have more risk associated with it.

What is Trade Credit Insurance?

Trade Credit Insurance is a special tool designed to mitigate the risks for exporters from credit loss and protect the receivables. It helps to prevent bankruptcies, helps in managing credit and also provides with opportunities for business expansion in the expanding global marketplace.

Why take this Insurance?

Risk is part of business, but a hindrance in operations due to the existence of such risks can lead to bigger losses. As a primary function, trade credit insurance aids a seller against any subsequent buyer who resists to pay back the sum assured. The trade-credit insurance of Zoom, which is more often used to shield the foreign export accounts receivable, can also be used to finance the domestic cases.

To many self insurance might seem to be a better alternative to Trade Credit Insurance, due to the ease of covering up all the financial losses as well as bad debts during a year, but instead of waiting for bad debt with excess capital being held aside, one can go for investing that capital for growth.

How it works?

As explained by International Credit Insurance and Surety Association, the trade credit insurance policy pays out a certain percentage of outstanding debts. The flexibility and ease of this policy allows the policyholder to cover either the entire portfolio or just the key accounts. One such common type of cover under this policy is, Whole Turnover Cover, which claims to provide coverage to all the buyers of the policyholder.


With time and advancement in technology, taking quick decisions and working out for solutions is necessary for the imperative smooth functioning of the company. Hence, it is important to not only get the losses covered, but one need to look out for efficient provider for same, who can cover all the losses quickly. Getting or finding an Insurance company which can monitor the creditworthiness of trade partners is something of a necessity.

We at Zoom brokers, works hard to bring up the best for the prospective clients to serve the best of quality and satisfaction, with our policies and framework. Our credit experts provide excellent consultancy and build up a system to get all costs recovered for the business, arising out of bad debts and cost incurred to claim the same. Efficiency with dedication gets the best outcome for any company, but for continuity the key is Insurance against prospective losses.

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