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Trade Credit

In the modern-day competitive business environment, organisations are expected to offer a wide range of services for their customers. One such service is to offer credit facility, wherein you offer goods and services on a credit basis, i.e. without any need to pay cash upfront. Herein, your debtors are supposed to settle their dues before the credit period elapses. Depending on the relationship with the buyer, the period for credit can range between 30-90 days, after raising the invoice. But there are situations when the debtor is unable to pay the amount due as per the agreed schedule. This necessitates for your business to subscribe to a Trade Credit Insurance policy.

Service Details

Trade Credit Insurance is an extremely important insurance policy for all the companies that offer goods and services to their customers on a credit basis. It is a whole turnover policy and is offered to protect the business against non-payment of commercial trade debt. The non-payment could be a result of protracted default or insolvency. Sometimes the reason for the default can be political, which is also covered under this policy. Generally, the maximum insurance coverage offered under this policy is 85% of the debt owed by the buyers.

Over the years, we have helped a large number of clients across a wide range of domains with trade credit insurance requirements. Based on this experience and expertise, our consultants create customised Trade Credit Insurance plans to safeguard you against any possible instances of default by your customers. The scope of our services include the following: –

  • Offering comprehensive protection against accounts receivables because of non-payment due to a number of reasons including insolvency or protracted default. We provide you with extensive insurance coverage for prevention against disruptive losses and offer risk transfer due to the issues of the bad debt
  • Using the latest technological tools and data-driven approach for identification and measurement of the risk involved in the trade credit insurance marketplace
  • Helping improves bank finance in terms of improvement of the lending relationship, enhancing their balance sheet and gaining access to more capital at reduced interest rates
  • Supporting sales in new as well as riskier markets, strengthening customer relationships, and growing existing accounts by offering help for a letter of credit requirements as well as other issues

Some of the noteworthy benefits that you get to enjoy with our Trade Credit Insurance services are: –

  • Customised insurance policies as per your specific requirements at cost-effective prices
  • Using the latest technological tools to deliver cutting-edge trade credit insurance solutions
  • Complete guidance and round the clock support for all types of questions or queries that you may have
  • Highly experienced consultants to deliver the best advice for all types of requirements that you may have

At Zoom Insurance, we have extensive experience in designing customised trade insurance plans for our clients. Based on our experience and expertise in the industry, we help you avail the most comprehensive trade insurance coverage at very competitive prices. Some of the services that we offer for your clients include:

  • Assistance with settlement and negotiation for trade claims
  • Providing guidance for buyer risk assessment and coordinating with the underwriter
  • Obtaining approvals for buyer credit limits
  • Offering global trade credit insurance plans

Trade Credit Insurance

If you have any questions or queries pertaining to our trade credit insurance policies, do get in touch with us. Our consultants will gladly resolve all your queries and guide you through the entire process.