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Marine Insurance

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Marine Insurance & Risk Management

Marine Insurance covers the risks with all aspects of the transit of cargo via the sea or ocean channel. It is one of the oldest forms of insurance and probably the most advanced type of insurance. It provides coverage for all the stakeholders related to an oceanic undertaking ranging from the cargo owners, ship owners, port authorities and all the various other intermediaries.

Service Details

There are various types of Marine Insurance that are suitable based on the type of business operations being undertaken:  

  • Hull and Machinery Insurance.
  • Marine Cargo Insurance.
  • Marine Loss of Profit Insurance  

At Zoom Insurance, we handle several large marine insurance programs and our team has exhibited proven expertise in handling such requirements. We have excellent relationships with underwriters, reinsurers and claims surveyors which helps us in handling our client’s marine business requirements in the appropriate manner. Our team will work with you to ensure : 

  • Marine Policies are based on Customized design which results in ease of operations, and execution  
  • The assistance of a dedicated placement and claims servicing team to ensure service issues are taken care of and business operations remain unaffected  
  • Established relations with Insurers which results in sustainable pricing of the marine insurance program.
  • Benchmarking of the insurance program to ensure an adequate level of indemnity
  • Continuous monitoring of the program with our insured clients from a regulatory and business compliance perspective
  • Active assistance and management of claims  
  • Updated information sharing on the latest developments in the regulatory environment impacting such policies and also on the product side
  • Data Analytics & Report Publishing Spot, explore & study patterns  
  • Analysis of loss data  
  • Study Supply Chain and find enhancement areas to trim down losses  
  • Conducting of Risk Management and Transporter Seminars 
  • Packaging studies.  


Marine Insurance - Our Specialization

If you have any questions or queries pertaining to the Marine Insurance & Risk Management services from Zoom Insurance Brokers, then do let us know. We will revert within quick time with the best solutions for your problems.