Medical Inpatient Benefits

from Zoom Insurance

Health complications can arise suddenly. Every organization needs to be prepared to help their employees or members and their families in such a scenario. In such cases, aid can be facilitated with an insurance plan which is efficient in response and inclusive of sudden healthcare needs.

In patient hospitalization programs is a product that has distinct connotations to different kinds of groups as well. For Employers this is an excellent tool to offer a sense of financial protection to the employees and their families. It not only gives a sense of a meaningful benefit being provided at the time of need but also serves as an excellent tool for employee retention thereby increase the overall value of the organization. For other kind of groups, it serves as an added benefit that insured members can avail thereby mitigating the costs that members would otherwise incur.

What does Zoom Insurance Brokers do?

We have a specialized team consisting of experts in both placement and claims services who understand the Indian health insurance market. Our team sits down with the HR of the organization to understand the overall objective of the Inpatient Insurance program considering the overall goal of the organization and helps design and implement an insurance program that is both cost efficient and sustainable in the long run. Our team is updated with the latest developments and can structure programs that take care of immediate and future scenarios in this regard.
The scope of our IP risk insurance services encompasses the following activities:

  • Close collaboration with your human resource department to help with strategizing and implementing customised healthcare insurance plans.
  • Activities associated with educating your workforce with the best healthcare practices for healthier living
  • Proactive Health Check-ups at Premier Hospitals through our network.
  • Managing various healthcare initiatives and implementing them at your workplace.
  • Developing and monitoring customised health insurance plans.
  • Creating a unified program structure for your organisation to manage multiple stakeholders effectively.

Benefits of our services

With our extensive experience in the healthcare risk insurance industry, there are numerous advantages that your organisation would be entitled to: –

  • Professional consultants with extensive experience of offering customised insurance plans to meet your requirements.
  • Latest technology driven insurance solutions to remove any chances of redundancy.
  • Insightful and meaningful data analysis to help you take crucial decisions when it comes to your health investment.
  • Exclusive tailor-made solutions that are clinically validated.
  • Assistance with implementation and monitoring of Workplace Health Promotion Initiatives.
  • Round the clock support services for prompt query resolution.

If you have any questions or queries pertaining to our Medical Inpatient Benefits, then do let us know. We will be proud to partner you in your insurance requirements.