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Requirements of Health and Benefits Solutions

What do the Health and Benefits Solutions include?

With Health and Benefits insurance solutions, you get financial protection to the intended members of a group be it a corporate or Non-Corporate such as NGO or other Not for Profit entities etc by covering the applied costs incurred of an insured member for various fortuitous events such as death for illness. These solutions are aimed at covering or reimbursing the expenses while undergoing hospitalization and covers up the economic effect on them because of an unanticipated possibility like disability or even death.

The scope of these solutions also broadens to services that assist employers in planning insured solutions for definite service paybacks such as gratuity or retirement products, including superannuation. Plans are shaped by keeping the company philosophy, employee requirements, market benchmarks, and other facets in mind to ensure sustainability and cost efficiency in the longer term.

Service Details

There is established empirical data that shows that the well-being of employees is intrinsic to the overall development goal of the organization. More so employees who face these health-related risks to themselves and their family members look up to their employers to offer cost-efficient solutions that can help them deal with the overall cost-effectiveness and avoid such health-related occurrences. A well-designed employee health and benefits program helps in attracting good talent and even assists in retaining employees.

Zoom’s Health & Benefits Solutions team will work with you to offer:

  • Customized design, operations, and execution of insured benefit programs through dedicated placement and servicing teams. 
  • Established relations with Insurers which results in sustainable pricing and servicing of health programs. 
  • Well-organized health promotion planning that aid employees in handling their health risks better. 
  • Tailored services, tactical plans for benefits and intuitive analytics backed by advanced technology.
  • Enable comprehensive consulting for insured benefits with unique content through industry-standard studies.
  • Technology assisted support for risk placement and benefits administration thereby ensuring implementation of the company’s HR policy. 
  • Prompt and efficient redressal mechanism with insurers for claims which fall under repudiations or queries. 

At Zoom Insurance Brokers, we offer varied spectrum of insurance products under health insurance. The products aim at covering all the aspects of an employee’s tenure with an insured organization.

  • Medical Inpatient and outpatient solutions
  • Individual Accidental Death and Personal Disability Benefits
  • Benefits from Group Term Life
  • Employee Deposit Linked Insurance
  • Benefits from Retirement with Pension and Gratuity Solutions
  • Wide Reaching and Global Medical Insurance Benefits
  • Travel Insurance Solution Benefits
  • Inclusive Insurance Benefits

Life & Health Insurance – Our Specialization

If you have any questions or queries pertaining to the Employee Health Insurance & Benefits services from Zoom Insurance Brokers, then do let us know. We will revert within quick time with the best solutions for your problems.