Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance

from Zoom Insurance

In this complex, global and connected world, businesses are increasingly plagued with ever-rising litigations and legal issues on account of their operations. This has resulted in greater liability risk and led to a higher need for customized risk management to protect the business interest directly as well as indirectly. What happens in the scenario of your organisation being threatened by a lawsuit? It is here when we come into the picture. We guide you through these complex issues and help you to focus on your core competence of running and growing your business, while we have got this issue covered. Commercial General Liability insurance was designed to protect your business from such Financial Losses. It aims to protect a business or organisation against any legal liability that involves paying compensation for damage or injuries incurred by a third party from your routine business operations be it your products and physical direct and indirect operations.

Scope of our services:
Commercial General Liability(CGL) Insurance which covers damage against property damage, personal injury and bodily injury that occurs during business operations in the premises. There are generally two kinds of CGL policies, a claim- made policy which covers claims regardless of the period of the event subject to being with the retroactive date and the other is an occurrence policy where coverage can be claimed only during the policy period defined. Excess liability coverage can be bought to cover claims that exceed CGL policy. Companies can also add companies and individuals into their CGL policies for additional coverage. A business must choose wisely between claim- made policy and occurrence policy. Apart from these risks, a CGL policy can also extend to cover a host of physical risks that third parties may incur such as product recall, etc. Even mental injuries and emotional distress also come under the bodily injury column of CGl policy and generally they are excluded from the coverage.

Why Zoom?

We have a dedicated Financial and liability team consisting of industry veterans in this field. We have specialized skill sets for both placement and claims service which ensure that not only do you find the right kind of CGL policy that covers maximum casualties but also have the benefit of support during claims.
Our meticulous in-house system ensures that our team of professions vigorously does their groundwork and preliminary research, compares policies from different insurance providers and then finalises the best plan which covers all the main concerns.
Our experts will guide you on your purchase, no matter how complex or complicated your need they will help you to overcome any impediments.

If you have any questions or queries pertaining to the Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance from Zoom Insurance Brokers, then do let us know. We will revert within quick time with the best solutions for your problems. Contact us now.