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Energy Insurance

In order to support the economic growth of the country, the energy sector of India needs to perform at its full potential. But unlike all other sectors, the energy sector in India is quite unique. The projects are built on mega scales, cater to regional requirements, and require international co-operation. With such huge stakes in place, any lapse in assessment and designing of risk and insurance management programs can have serious implications. This is where the need for an experienced insurance broker comes to the fore to help you with designing of suitable risk transfer solutions during different phases of project development.
At Zoom Insurance, we commence our consultation through a thorough review of the contract between the contractor and the principal to define the insurance responsibilities and reviewing the insurable interest. Our services also take care of evaluating data-driven risk, fact-based risk advice, and ends with delivering customised risk management and insurance programs through intelligent designs. With our expertise, we ensure that the innovative insurance solutions delivered to our clients have a positive and noteworthy impact on their business.
At Zoom Insurance, our energy insurance services have been designed to deliver an exhaustive range of insurance and risk-advisory syndication solutions for all stakeholders engaged in the energy sector. Over the years, we have catered a vast range of clients in the energy sector, including

  • Mining Companies
  • Drilling Contractors
  • Oil Companies
  • Mining Companies
  • Drilling Contractors
  • Oil Companies
  • Gas Based Companies
  • Hydro Power Companies
  • PV / Solar Power Companies
  • Transmission and Distribution Companies

Service Details

We have gained expertise in promoting project management, risk advisory, and reinsurance syndication for our clients with projects from the energy sector. We cater to a wide range of clients from the following industries in the energy sector: –

  • Power & Utility
  • Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency
  • Waste & Water treatment
  • Major integrated and national oil and gas companies
  • Traditional energy-producing establishments
  • Upstream (exploration/production)
  • Downstream (refining/petrochemical)
  • Midstream (pipelines/terminals/liquefied natural gas)

Our consultants possess multiple years of exhaustive experience in handling multi-party project financings for substantial contractual energy products.

At Zoom Insurance, we have managed to gain the trust of our clients based on the wide range of benefits that our services offer: –

  • Customised plans for the energy sector to take care of all insurance and risk management requirements.
  • Round the clock support services for answering all the questions and queries in a prompt manner.
  • Detailed analysis and strategic planning for delivery of customised services through latest technological solutions.
  • Exhaustive range of insurance and risk-advisory syndication solutions for all stakeholders engaged in the energy sector.
  • A wide range of network partners for ensuring a global outreach.
  • Expert guidance to ensure an optimal response to tenders.

Our experts are equipped to deliver learned advice towards designing of the insurance program, contractual, technical and placement matters. Our services and product offerings for the energy sector include: –

i. Indian Interest Abroad

ii. Energy Package Policy

iii. Strong In-house- Reinsurance support

iv. End to End Risk assessment -Risk Transfer Mechanism & Process -Claims

advocacy throughout the project

v. Project- Professional Risks

vi. Lenders Due Diligence

vii. Political Risks

viii. Inherent Defect Insurance

ix. Solar Performance Warranty

x. Loss of Profit

xi. Environmental Impairment Liability (Pollution legal liability)

xii. Offshore / On Shore CAR Insurance

Energy Insurance - Our Specialization

If you have any questions or queries pertaining to the Energy Insurance services from Zoom Insurance Brokers, then do let us know. We will revert within quick time with the best solutions for your problems.