Ransom and Extortion Solutions

from Zoom Insurance

The increasing gap between the rich and the poor and the world's advancements have also resulted in the traumatizing acts of kidnapping and spying, leading to extortion.
If we go by statistics, almost 15000 to 20000 kidnappings are reported globally, and needless to say, many of them don't get written about and go unreported.

The heinous act of abduction is a trauma that can emotionally drain out a person and his family along with the significant financial loss from ransom payments, associated costs, business interruption, litigation, adverse publicity. It also possesses long-term reputation damage from a human resource perspective as well. Ransom and Extortion Solution not only protects you against financial loss but also gives you access to the services provided by the world's leading crisis management and security companies.

Scope of our Service

Zoom has gained vast expertise while working with a wide range of clients from across the globe over the years, and it is this knowledge that our clients have come to value us for. This multidimensional exposure has enabled us to deliver the appropriate solutions for clients dealing with the crisis in any form. Ransom and extortion is a malicious threat to society. The growing crime rate urges us to be safe and sound wherever we are. Given this, our services’ scope ranges from measurement and mitigation of the risk of Ransom and Extortion to offering accurate solutions and protection to the client. We help minimize the financial impact of these adverse events on the client and family. We help with identifying if the client has been covered appropriately or not. We offer assistance in financial reimbursement along with immediate access to specialist response consultants’ in crisis response.

Why Zoom?

With Zoom Insurance Brokers, you have a passionate team of experienced and expert professionals who are eager to help you against the risk of kidnap for ransom, extortion, detention, or hijacking. Zoom offers ransom and extortion insurance products from a wide range of insurers for the broadest choice of price, coverage, and response consultants. We provide you with practical advice and financial protection, and solutions that offer you security guidelines that further reduce the vulnerability to attack. Our diverse portfolio also encourages comprehensive and bespoke training for personnel who travel to high-risk locations. Our product offers custom coverage for loss of earnings, child abduction, a hostage crisis, political repatriation, and all the expenses related to malicious threats. Our solutions provide financial protection in case of loss of ransom in transit and other associated costs. We provide financial reimbursement along with immediate access to specialist response consultants who are professionals in providing advice and support to your crisis management team and the victim’s family throughout an incident.

If you have any questions or queries pertaining to the Ransom and Extortion Solutions from Zoom Insurance Brokers, then do let us know. We will revert within quick time with the best solutions for your problems.