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Crisis Management Solution

In today’s context, the business faces various types of risks both internal and external. Such events are beyond the control of any conventional risk management strategy. Some of these issues have the potential to create an existential crisis for the business. Such kind of events are extremely unpredictable and have the potential to derail business efforts entirely. Thus it becomes extremely important for a business to subscribe to Crisis Management risk management which essentially subscribes to covering events which are highly unpredictable.

Service Details

Crisis Management Insurance is an extremely important insurance solution meant to offer protection against a crisis that can have a serious adverse impact on the businesses. Crisis Management Insurance coverage helps to minimise the impact of adverse events on the reputation and balance sheet of the business. All the expenses that are incurred in activities to restore the confidence of the affected insured in the business are covered under Crisis Management Insurance. Some of the adverse events that can have a negative impact on the reputation and balance sheet of the business and are covered under Crisis Management Insurance are: –
• Natural disasters
• Political Events
• Negative media coverage
• Violence at the workplace
• Product Recall

Over the years, we have had the opportunity of working with a wide range of clients from various domains. This has enabled us to deliver a wide range of Crisis Management Solutions for our clients with expertise. The scope of our services includes but is not limited to the following: –
• Measurement and mitigation of organisational risk against events like terrorism, kidnapping, ransom, political violence marine piracy, and several other inherent risks depending on the nature of the business.

• Offering protection to the company’s assets, contracts, and workforce, which are at risk during any of the above-mentioned crisis. We help minimise the impact of these adverse events on the shareholder value and business operations.

• Preparing the organisation to deliver a rapid response to the crisis and help with identifying if the operations have been recovering appropriately or not.

• Helping with the hiring of a public relations expert with experience in threat assessment, impact analysis, crisis management, and crisis response.

At Zoom Insurance, we deliver a wide range of benefits to our clients through our customised crisis management solutions, including the following: –

• Customised crisis management insurance plans to take care of all types of adverse situations.

• Expert guidance and assistance are available round the clock for query resolutions.

• In-depth analysis and strategic planning to ensure seamless delivery of customised services with the help of modern technological solutions.

• Support services to help with quick recovery from the crisis affecting the business.

With an extensive experience in helping our clients from diverse domains maintain their reputation even in adverse circumstances, we are fully equipped to deliver the following crisis management solutions: –

i. Political Risk Insurance
ii. Terrorism
iii. Ransom and Extortion Solutions
iv. Product Recall & Contamination Insurance

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If you have any questions or queries pertaining to the Crisis Management Insurance services from Zoom Insurance Brokers, then do let us know. We will revert within quick time with the best solutions for your problems.