Project Professional risks

from Zoom Insurance

In construction, power, and infrastructure projects, the role of contractors is of significant importance. After all, contractors are the individuals or entities who actually complete the required construction-related tasks. In order to safeguard their interests, companies usually sign agreements with contractors specifying their scope of duties as well as penalties in case of any discrepancy in the work. The penalties are usually in the form of a percentage, which, in the case of construction, power, and infrastructure projects, could add up to a significant amount. When it comes to construction, power, and infrastructure projects, professional negligence is generally related to the failure of the contractor to perform the designated task as agreed.
If there is any flaw in the execution of the design of the project, it could jeopardise the integrity of the entire project, putting the company at risk. In such a situation, the company will file a claim against the contractor. Due to the significant amount being involved, it is not possible for the contractor to bear these charges from their own finances. In such a situation, a project professional risks insurance will offer you the required protection against the possible losses arising out of any errors or oversights on their part, as a contractor.

Scope of our services

At Zoom Insurance, we are one of the leading insurance brokers in India, working with contractors engaged in construction, power, and infrastructure projects. Over the years, we have acquired expertise in offering customised project professional risks insurance for our clients and helped them get the best deals from the most prominent insurance companies in India. The scope of our services for construction, power, and infrastructure project contractors professional liability include:

  • Protective Indemnity
  • Defensive Coverage
  • Mitigation of risk
  • Claims support

We perfectly understand the needs of our clients and create customised insurance plans to take care of all types of risks that you might face.

Why Choose Us?

Zoom Insurance Brokers enjoy continued patronage from our clients, based on the efficient and excellent services that are on offer. We have been working in the construction, power, and infrastructure sector for the last many years and have catered to the needs of a diverse range of clients with the utmost professionalism. Our consultants work with you right from designing a customised insurance plan to assist with the claim filing process.

If you have any questions or queries pertaining to our insurance services for construction, power, and infrastructure contractors, then do let us know. We will revert within a short time.