Lenders Due Diligence

from Zoom Insurance

One of the biggest risks faced by lenders is the quality of the portfolio in terms of repayment capabilities. NPAs can cause serious damage to a lender not only in terms of profitability, but also cash flows, especially for business continuity and growing the book. Not only is it crucial for lenders to be able to access the creditworthiness of their borrowers and also of the project but it is also important to ensure that the progress of the project doesn’t get hampered due to any incident or force majeure etc...

Scope of our services
At Zoom Insurance Brokers, we use our domain knowledge and expertise to help our clients properly assess their insurance needs, opt for the best value in insurance coverage and help them in managing their claims.

We cater to the due diligence requirements of financial institutions and commercial lenders.
As the Lenders Insurance Advisor, we provide services covering:

Identification of risks that can pose a challenge to debt repayments.
Allocation of insurance responsibilities and risks across contracts.
Identify the minimum insurance obligations of the borrowers and confirm their adherence.
Defining and ensuring ongoing compliances of the borrower from an insurance perspective.

Benefits of working with Zoom Insurance?

At Zoom Insurance Brokers, having catered to specific requirements of a broad spectrum of clients, we are the leading insurance brokers in India offering Lenders Due Diligence services to prestigious and reputed financial institutions and commercial lenders.

If you have any questions and queries pertaining to our lender’s due diligence services, then get in touch with our consultants here. We will revert within a quick time. Contact us now.