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How Disaster-ready is your Business?

With the current scenario of the world experiencing climate change at a pace, it has become imperative for businesses and organisations worldwide to be adaptive in nature, to face these calamities with accuracy. Natural disasters are unpredictable events and can occur at any moment in the notice. Major disasters such as earthquake, fire or floods, are events which one cannot predict and they are unavoidable at the same time. They adversely impact the business in more than one ways.

So, is your business capable to survive the immediate dent left by a large scale natural disaster? Or will it cause serious setbacks to your business?

What are the major challenges?

Today’s businesses are surrounded by a wide variety of risks, which companies cannot ignore. Information and cyber insecurity, insurgency, terrorism, natural disasters, process failures, regulatory changes, fire risks and many other, can threaten the existence of business through catastrophic means.

New technology is also among one of the major risk faced by many businesses. Agreed, technology is one of the boons for the companies and organisations, but rapid technological transitions create both media to mitigate the risks for a business and also posses a great threat to the existence of the organisation.

Be it small, mid-sized or large corporates, these risks affect the profit and loss statement of these corporates in a substantial manner.

Are you doing enough to shield yourself against these disasters?

Preparing against these risks requires a combination of complex efforts, which are both internal and external to the business. With empowering the risk management within an organization, the need is to keep in mind the stances of different stakeholders.

It is always a necessity to care first of your employees and customers. And therefore having a stable evacuation plan and testing its viability is an important step. Keeping ample stock to allow one's business to run smoothly is a step most businesses forgets to follow up.

This is how to get ready.

Every organisation today needs, well structured and systematically designed risk management approach to prevent and minimize the impact of various risks on the organisation.

Well documented plans and communication helps with mitigating the risk well and handle the consequences without any subsequent losses.

Reaching out to best insures, and buying the right kind of insurance, suitable to the needs of the organisation and losses is an important part of disaster preparedness.


The possibility of risks cannot be eliminated, but an organisation can reduce the probability of potential losses in a business by taking the proper steps required to keep the business going. To ensure long-run continuity and profits for a business, insurance plays a key role, together with risk management tactics.

We at Zoom insurance, work to analyse the insurance needs of the business and systematize strategies on a regular basis. The professional advice and consultancy by our expert insurance brokers form an integral part of our risk management strategy. However, there needs to be much more focus on other aspects of the importance of insurance, risk management is one of its advantages.

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  1. For my point of every company should insure their business as a part of the registration itself. No one can predict about the type of disaster that may occur

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